<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/160621110551.jpg?t=1574285758"><br>Lot 245 Kit Fox. MOTIVATED OWNER MAY CARRY! This gorgeous triangular property is way at the back of Willow Creek Ranch as far north as you can get before hitting vast sections of public land. The west side borders public land. There is a near by stream and views to die for. Willow Creek is one of the few ideal areas in Northwestern Arizona - abundant wildlife, great water, fertile soil, mild temperatures, and views that go on for miles. The property would be an ideal place to build an off-grid house, have a vacation or hunting camp, or just escape and be one with nature. OWNER MAY CARRY 36 Acs Off Grid Kingman AZ! Willow Creek Ranch is in a perfect spot in Northern Arizona. The water here is found at affordable depths, unlike areas east of Mohave County along the I-40. OWNER MAY CARRY 36 Acs Off Grid Kingman AZ! The land is rough and varied with hills, canyons, junipers, pinions and stream beds. Views are spectacular. The climate is mild with at 5000' elevation, warmer than higher Flagstaff to the east and cooler than the deserts to the south and west. The minimum 36 ac parcel size creates privacy. The community makes a great place to get away, vacation, use as a hunting camp, raise a family or use to create a sustainable off-grid lifestyle. Visit our Willow Creek Ranch Facebook Page! OWNER MAY CARRY 36 Acs Off Grid Kingman AZ! <br>